Ten Of The Heaviest Drum & Bass Anthems Of 2000

Digital – Deadline

If you were raving in 2000 and this track came on you probably stopped dancing, just for a second.

The scene had never heard anything like it before and it went on to influence the sub-genre Half-Step.

It’s a mental tune and as soon as those rave stabs kicked in it was reach for the skies and brock out, if you could work out how.

Moving Fusion – Turbulence

We said earlier that Moving Fusion had plenty of classics and this is perhaps their biggest.

That hollow bass sound with its heavy interludes rolled around arenas all over the world.

It was an absolute masterpiece and deserves its place in any classics set.

Dillinja – Nasty Ways

Just because a tune has a sweet vocal doesn’t mean it can’t be heavier than a concrete Rhino.

We all wanted some nasty ways in 200 and Dillinja really served it up on this one.

Listening back the bassline could almost foresee the Clownstep sound that would come and split the Drum & Bass world apart a few years later but at the time it was new and awesome.

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