Ten Of The Heaviest Drum & Bass Anthems Of 2000

E-Z Rollers – RS 2000

E-Z Rollers had hit some commercial success previous to this thanks to Walk This Land but RS 2000 was different.

Whilst it maintained their signature Jazzyness they distorted that funky bassline to masterful effect.

If this was dropped in the middle of a dark and heavy set the place would erupt in crazy dancing and a sea of smiles.

Bad Company – 4-Days (Moving Fusion Remix)

Bad Company completely owned the year 2000 and the new sound it was embracing.

In fact, we could have easily just had a top ten of their tracks for the year 2000.

Moving Fusion had a string of their own hits that year and this remix of 4-Days is still remembered as an all-time great.

Ram Trilogy – Titan

Andy C, Ant Miles, and Shimonwrote some legendary tracks as Ram Trilogy but perhaps none more so than Titan.

Titan is dark and brooding with psychedelic atmospherics and bassline that’s almost wobbly.

If you went to any event for the next few years you were guaranteed to hear this.

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