Ten ‘90s Dance Anthems That Are Criminally Underrated

Duke – So In Love With You (Full Intention Mix)

Ok, so this one may still appear on the odd compilation but why isn’t it on all of them?

One of the deepest and most soulful house vocals of all time mixed with a seriously funky bassline make this an instant classic.

This track had been around for a while before it was remixed by Full Intention which took it to number 22 in the UK charts.

Interestingly the music video uses a different mix so we’ve just included the track below.

Black Box – Open Your Eyes (Mirko’s Mix)

Black Box appear on almost every classic dance anthem compilation thanks to “Ride on Time”.

Let’s not forget that they had some other great tunes, including this gem.

Open Your Eyes is a slice of true House classiness that typifies the sound of House in ‘91 whilst giving a little nod to Italo Disco.

Starting off with that iconic Saxophone to create a soulful track that’s groovy as hell it never fails to get people dancing.

Criminally, this track never appears on any compilations and only reached 48 in the UK charts

Open your Eyes deserved so much more.

So that’s our choices but there are so many more that are constantly overlooked so what are your favourite tunes that never make it onto the big compilations?

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