Ten ‘90s Dance Anthems That Are Criminally Underrated


Tin Tin Out – Strings For Yasmin

Tin Tin Out had a string of hits in the late ‘90s and whilst “Here’s Where the Story Ends” and “What I Am” might have been their biggest chart hits it was Strings For Yasmin that tore the clubs apart.

From it’s massive breakdown to it’s pumping beat it is a true Trance anthem that deserves way more respect than it seems to get.

It was also used as the theme for The Premier League in the 97/98 season.

Tinman – Eighteen Strings

Some may argue that this was something of a novelty record but we believe it’s much more than that.

This track absolutely rocked the dancefloors of Europe in the early ‘90s.

It courted some controversy due to its unauthorised sample of Nirvana’s “Smells Like Teen Spirit”.


This lead to the final release having a change in the chord progression, which actually copied The Monkees “Not Your Stepping Stone”.

Either way, it made it onto all the big compilations at the time but seems to slipped through the cracks ever since.

The Shrink – Nervous Breakdown

Nervous Breakdown is one of those tunes that was released at just the right time.

Hard House was exploding and the Hard Trance scene in Europe was evolving rapidly which, when paired with the massive Trance scene, made a perfect storm.

This is a seriously tough tune for the time and it’s hard to believe these days that it charted.

It may not have a tune as such but who cares?

This is balls to the wall, high energy dance music that showed a shift in the underground scene.

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