Ten ‘90s Dance Anthems That Are Criminally Underrated

Hondy – Hondy (No Access)

Hondy was a massive chart trance hit that made it’s way to the top 30 in 1997.

It was featured on practically every compilation at the time as well as tearing the club scene apart.

From it’s classic vocal to its Trance synths it’s typical of the time and everyone knew the lyrics.

Admittedly none of us knew what it was about or indeed what a Hondy actually was but it didn’t matter.

Reel 2 Real – Jazz It Up (Erick Morillo Club Mix)

Commercial Dance Anthem Alert!!!

Jazz It Up was another track that everyone knew in 1996.

It featured on all the mix albums at the time and even on the NOW compilations but it never crops up anymore.

Reel 2 Real had plenty of hits in the ‘90s including “I Like To Move It” but it’s this Jazzed up funky slab of House that we feel deserves way more respect.

Porn Kings – Up To No Good

Up To No Good was a bouncy Hard House track that was jam-packed with acid.

It was bouncy as hell and the hip hop sample taken from Whodini’s “Big Mouth” just took it to another level.

You would hear it at all of the early Hard House events and it even managed to get to Number 26 in the charts.

For those who’ve always wondered the actual lyric says here it is.

“Now you’re the Don Dapper of the Neighbourhood, And every time I see you you’re up to no good, You’re just like a snake crawlin’ on the ground, lookin’ for some new dirt to spread around”

So there you go.

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