Stranger Things Season 2 Looking Epic as Final Trailer Released

The Stranger Things Season 2 final trailer leaves us with more questions than answers...again!!!

Like the title suggests “Stranger Things 2” trailer looks and feels like a box office movie. The trailer begins with Eleven in the woods collecting food which Hopper left for her at the end of Season 1.

The final teaser then moves onto Will Bryer’s character who is suffering from the effects of his previous journey through the upside down. What ensues is a storm of action with the entire gang fighting to save Will.

As previous trailers showed we see a glimpse of the huge shadow monster ready to cause havoc in Hawkins. Eleven now with a full head of hair, Nancy and Jonathan prancing around as things get spooky, Joyce frantic as ever and Chief Hopper firing off rounds with an assault rifle.

Season 2 looks set to be more action-packed and spookier than ever before with all the usual nostalgia and 80s feel seen from season 1. With all that said the underlying feeling is that the trailer raises more questions than answers and leaves us all eagerly anticipating the start of season 2

Stranger Things Season 2 comes back to our screens on Netflix which is released globally on Friday October 27th.

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