Classic Cartoons You Should Revisit: Jayce And The Wheeled Warriors

Retroheadz looks back at the classic 80's cartoon Jayce & the Wheeled Warriors.

Wheels of Steel

Now the coolest thing about Jayce and the Wheeled Warriors had to be the awesome vehicles they all drove.

Jayce could control all of the Lighting Leagues vehicles with his mind and they could be programmed to work together.

That in itself was seriously cool and pretty futuristic for the time. All the vehicles could also be driven by any member of the league.

All the Lightning Leagues vehicles were Silver and had different weaponry.

Some of the cooler vehicles were the Armed Force which had a Gold grappling hook, the Quickdraw which had spiked wheels for digging and the Spike Trike which was seriously fast.

The most iconic of the lightning Leagues vehicles had to be the insane Trailblazer. For those that remember the Trailblazer was a huge robotic walker that could carry the other vehicles while smashing through the Monster Minds.

It was crazy and it rocked.

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