Classic 90’s Show Reboot is Getting Rebooted

Reboot gets an erm...reboot.


Yes that’s right the classic CGI animated series Reboot which was hugely popular in the 90’s (and still is for some of us) is getting a reboot.

The new series of Reboot will be called Reboot: Guardian of the Code will now focus on four human teenagers who become tasked with being the new guardians of cyberspace.

The original world in the original 90’s reboot series was in was set in one computer mainframe and as the internet has arrived since then the world in which the characters have to protect and defend from Viruses and whatnot should be a lot larger.

Reboot’s reboot (we’ve always wanted to say that) is supposedly going to have 26 new 30 minute long episodes. As to when its coming out no one knows yet as its only been greenlit but we’d hope Reboot will be back on TV screens no later than 2019.

However along with the new characters we’d love to see Bob back in some capacity and of course, the main baddie himself from the 90’s original, Megabyte.

Naturally the world of Reboot is likely to have had a graphics card update since it came out 20 years ago so expect it to look nothing like the originals CGI, although it would be nice if they did a couple of episodes in a retro computer and the visuals were the same as the original series of Reboot but hey, we can but dream eh?

We’ll keep you updated on the new series of Reboot as we find out more.

Will you watch the reboot of Reboot when it comes out?