Do You Remember These Classic Actress Cameos in Friends?

Jennifer Saunders – Andrea Waltham

Jennifer Saunders plays Emily’s mother in ‘The One With Ross’s Wedding’. Andrea is rude and doesn’t seem to care what people think and like her husband (see 19 hilarious actor cameo’s in Friends) she want’s Jack and Judy Geller to pay for most of the wedding.


Christina Applegate – Amy Green

Thanksgiving Day in Friends brings a new visitor, Rachel’s sister Amy pays a visit in ‘The One With Rachel’s Other Sister’. She wants to meet her new niece Emma and spend some time with her sister. Amy is rude and insensitive and soon has the friends wanting her to leave. christina_applegate

Anna Faris – Erica

Monica and Chandler are off to Ohio to visit an adoption agency in the hope of becoming parents. Erica is the young mum looking for parents for her unborn baby and meets the husband and wife. After a mix up with the papers she finally agrees that the couple would be the ideal parents. Erica appears in a number of episodes after this, and eventually gives birth to twins.


Who was your favourite guest actress on Friends? Let us know in the comments below!

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