Do You Remember These Classic Actress Cameos in Friends?

Kristen Davis – Erin

Joey has got a new girlfriend in’The One With Ross’s Library Book’. Sex in the City actress Kirsten Davis plays the lucky lady Erin and she soon becomes a firm favourite with Rachel and Phoebe. The girls love her and encourage Joey to continue dating her. Poor Joey, just as he starts to like Erin she realises that he is not the guy for her and finishes things with him.


Denise Richards – Cassie Geller

Ross and Monica’s cousin Cassie comes to stay. Monica and Chandler agree to let her stay with them in their apartment in ‘The One With Ross and Monica’s Cousin’. She is stunning and Chandler can’t stop staring at her so Ross agrees that Cassie can stay with him instead, however on meeting his cousin again he soon realises why Chandler was staring at her and can’t help but do the same.


Susan Sarandon – Jessica Lockhart

Joey gets offered the opportunity to go back on soap opera Days of Our Lives in ‘The One With Joey’s New Brain’. He will be cast as his old character Dr Drake Romoray who is currently in a coma, but will be implanted with a new brain and wake up. Joey approaches Jessica who is currently in the soap to ask her some advice, however Jessica is unaware that her character is soon to be written out of the show.


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