Do You Remember These Classic Actress Cameos in Friends?

Dakota Fanning – Mackenzie

A young Dakota stars as Mackenzie in ‘The One With Princess Consuela’. She is the little girl that lives in the house that Monica and Chandler are buying, and soon becomes friends with Joey, who visits the house with his friends.


Kathleen Turner – Charles Bing

Monica and Chandler head to Las Vegas to invite Chandler’s dad to their wedding in ‘The One With Chandler’s Dad’. Charles Bing  is a drag-queen who works in a musical show in Vegas, singing his heart out each night. After some persuasion from his soon to be daughter in law, agrees to go to his son’s wedding.


Reece Witherspoon – Jill Green

Rachel’s sister Jill comes for a visit in ‘The One With Rachel’s Sister’. Much like Rachel in season one, Jill is spoilt and his furious that her dad has cut her off and told her she has to get a job and start fending for herself, but this girls not silly she has mesmerised her fathers credit card number so is able to do some shopping on her visit, until Rachel puts a stop to this.


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