Do You Remember These Classic Actress Cameos in Friends?

Isabella Rosselini – Herself

Ross is left speechless when his crush Isabella Rosselini from his list of five hot celebrity’s you are allowed to sleep with walks in to Central Perk in ‘The One With Frank Jr’. With Rachel’s permission he bravely goes to speak to the actress, forgetting that after a conversation with Chandler about Isabella being too international for the list he replaced her with someone else. Noticing that she is not on his list, she tell’s Ross that she had a list of Coffee shop goofs and she had just replaced him for another guy.

isabella rosselini

Jennifer Grey – Mindy

The Dirty Dancing star Jennifer Grey plays Rachel’s friend Mindy in ‘The One With the Evil Orthodontist’. Mindy is the fiance of Rachel’s ex husband Barry, and after asking Rachel to be her bridesmaid she shares her suspicions that her soon to be husband is having an affair. Little does she know that the mystery women is in fact her newly appointed bridesmaid.


Sarah Ferguson (The Duchess of York) – Herself

With most of the Friends gang in London in ‘The One With Ross’s Wedding’. Joey and Chandler decide to do a bit of sightseeing. However after a fall with his best friend Joey ends up touring the city on his own. Lucky for him he ends up bumping into the Duchess of York (It’s Fergie baby), who agrees to be leave a little video message for Chandler.


Christina Taylor – Bonnie

Who can forget Ross’s girlfriend Bonnie (or bald Bonnie by the end of the episode) in ‘The One With the Jellyfish’. The friends are staying at the beach house so that Phoebe can try to find out about her mum. Bonnie rocks up to spend the weekend with new boyfriend Ross, much to the annoyance or Rachel. Whilst Rachel stays at the beach house while all the others go for a swim, Bonnie returns and confesses to Rachel how much easier it was to manage her hair when she was bald, a jealous Rachel convinces her to shave it all off again. Ross is in for a nasty shock.


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