Transformers just got real and you could have one soon


Ever dreamed of having your own Transformer since the series came out in the 80’s?

A lot of people have and one company has actually made it a reality.

A Turkish R&D company, Lectrons has turned a standard BMW into a fully fledged Transformer.

The transformation process is not as quick as the Transformers of yore or even the modern movies but who cares, its real and we think you’ll agree, looks totally awesome!

Hopefully, they can do this to some classics too (not too rare a car though please) and they plan on making more cars that transform soon.

The remote control transformer in the video below innocently drives up and then its front wings pop out and then the whole car lift up, the Transformers head then comes up and looks like its standing a good four meters or more.

On top of this, its head and hands moves and smoke comes out of it groyne which is pretty amusing, to say the least.

Anyway, check it out and if you’re a Transformer fan then you might want to start saving up some pennies for the day that you can get one too or add it to your Christmas list and hope that you’ve been good enough to get one as they say on their website that projects can be commissioned.

However, the only downside is that they are remote control only, you can’t drive it yourself…yet!

What car would you want them to work on next?