The Most Iconic Dream Cars of The 80s

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Porsche 959

porsche 959

Another Porsche on the round-up, yep!

4 wheel drive, 197 mph top speed and 0-60 in under 4 seconds made this a must have.

It also looked so far ahead of its time too and a lot of it’s tech made it i to later Porsches such as the Carrera 4 which came out in 1989.

It was the fastest road car in the world during the 80’s until….

Ferrari F40



Oh boy! Just…look…at…it! The Ferrari F40 was the first production car to make it over 200 MPH (201 to be precise).

It’s huge spoiler, three exhausts, stunning looks and its extreme performance made it onto walls after it came out in 1987 and rightly so its an icon.

Ferrari Testarossa


There are so many reasons why the Ferrari Testarossa makes it here.

It’s one of the most Iconic and exotic of all the 80’s sports cars and rightfully so.

It’s wedge shape and iconic side intakes feeding air into the radiators along with its double pop-up lights featured in iconic series Miami Vice and arcade favourite OutRun as well as just being one of the nicest looking cars ever made.

Best colour… Red for the purists or White if you were a Miami Vice fan.

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