The Most Iconic Dream Cars of The 80s

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Ferrari 308 GTB/GTS

ferrari 308 gts

The first Ferrari on the list, the Ferrari 308 GTB or GTS was an 80’s classic.

It actually came out in 1976 but made it way on to walls throughout the 80’s thanks to appearances in Cannonball Run (1 & 2) and was, of course, Tom Sellick’s vehicle of choice in Magnum P.I.

This mid-engine exotic had a fantastic presence with its air intakes, pop-up headlights and round lights and quad exhausts. Best colour, Red or course!

Pontiac Trans-Am

pontiac trans am

Thanks to David Hasslehoff and his sidekick K.I.T.T the Trans-Am made it onto walls up and down the land.


This car was futuristic and was best seen in Black because everyone wanted to be KnightRider didn’t they?

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