The Most Iconic Dream Cars of The 80s

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Porsche 928

porsche 928

The next Porches to make it on to walls everywhere is the Porsche 928 which was officially their flagship car.

Made famous as Wyatt’s car in Weird Science.

For gamers, it was also the star car in Chase H.Q in the arcades as well as one sadly getting crushed by a Monster Truck in Cannonball Run 2.

It also made an appearance in Scarface, however, it’s doubtful you knew this at the time unless you sneaked a watch.

Lotus Turbo Esprit



A British exotic made famous by James Bond. Low, wedge-shaped, double pop-up headlights and later on made even more desired thanks to games like Lotus Turbo Challenge on the Commodore Amiga.

It was also the star car in Pretty Woman with the S2 model that first came out in 1987.

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